Mac Studio Rack 19″ półka 3U na 2x Apple Mac Studio

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Mac Studio Rack 19″ is a mounting shelf for a 19″ rack, 3U high, enabling safe and functional installation of one or two Apple Mac Studio computers.

Thanks to the use of the 19" Mac Studio Rack, you can safely place Apple Mac Studio computers in both stationary 19" racks and mobile cases/suitcases used, for example, on film sets.

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Place your new Apple Mac Studio safely in your 19″ rack!

Apple Mac Studio computers are great computers for professional use that create excellent work tools for many applications. However, mounting them in a 19" rack poses some challenges.

How to install them safely in a 19" wardrobe?

How to keep them at the right temperature while working?

How to turn them on without taking them out of the closet?

How to connect a pendrive for a quick update?

Mac Studio Rack 19″ solves all these challenges and more!

Housing a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, the Mac Studio Rack is a comprehensive 19" rack mount solution that supports one or two Mac Studio computers installed side-by-side in 3U of rack space, placing the computers behind a neat and functional front panel.

The case design optimally manages airflow through computers to keep them cool with the air surrounding the rack, allowing them to be placed close together.

Controlled from the front of the case

The Mac Studio Rack provides front-panel access to the power switch for each Mac Studio, allowing you to turn each installed computer on and off.

Ready for the journey

If you need to take your Mac Studio with you, the Mac Studio Rack is the perfect solution for you. Its 8.25-inch mounting depth and the Apple Mac Studio mounting system make the Mac Studio Rack ideal for use in molded cases such as Gator cases or SKB 9-inch Shallow Fly Racks. The Mac Studio Rack design also allows for normal WiFi and Bluetooth use in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in the rack), so you can use apps to control iOS® devices.

The Mac Studio Rack case is compatible with Mac Studio computers with 10 and 20 core processors.

Dimensions: 48.3 x 21.1 x 13.25 cm

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