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Symply - pioneers in state-of-the-art data storage and LTO archiving solutions

At Symply, they are well aware that many traditional data storage solutions cannot keep up with the evolving needs of modern businesses. With the growth of high-end material, data is growing exponentially and teams are becoming more decentralised. The demands on storage infrastructure have never been greater than now. 

Technologia pamięci masowej. Dlaczego warto postawić na ATTO.

So why ATTO? It's one of the questions a client may ask and requires a considered answer. At ATTO, when they receive such a question, they have a ready answer.

iodyne Pro Data - powerful and fast external RAID NVMe drive

As part of our exploration of benchmarks, we documented Pro Data’s incredible 5GB/s performance using breakthrough NVMe multipathing on M1 Pro Apple Silicon. With twice the power of M1 Max and six full-speed Thunderbolt ports, we couldn’t wait to see what the new Mac Studio with M1 Ultra could do.

Basic differences between LTO-7, LTO-8 and LTO-9

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) is a magnetic tape-based data archiving standard, mainly used for storing large amounts of data for long periods of time. At present, the LTO standards in use are LTO-7. LTO-8 and LTO-9. Learn the differences between these standards.

mLogic® Thunderbolt LTO Solutions Deployed by Digitalfilm Tree

mLogic® Thunderbolt LTO Solutions Deployed by Digitalfilm Tree for Dailies & Archiving on Apple TV+ Blockbuster Series' Shrinking & Ted Lasso

Symply ProLTO - Affordable reliable lto tape archiving solutions

Until now most LTO tape products were generic repurposed IT systems or otherwise design-compromised with low-cost components. With the introduction of SymplyPRO Thunderbolt LTO that’s all changed. SymplyPRO Thunderbolt LTO was designed with professionals in mind.

ArGest Software Solution - LTO archiving

The world’s only cross-platform ultra-reliable backup, restore, and archival solution product suite that protects your data’s future without limits.

eGPU - what is it?

An eGPU (external Graphics Processing Unit) is an external graphics card that can be connected to a computer via an external interface, such as Thunderbolt or USB4

Data archiving on LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tapes in the medical industry

In today's world, where technology plays a key role in data collection and management, medicine is no exception. Increasingly, we need efficient and secure LTO archiving

Upgrading to 24Gb/s SAS HBA controller cards is a big performance boost for data centers for a relatively small investment.

Data centers are facing increasing challenges in managing and processing significant amounts of data

ATTO ThunderLink 3128 universal SAS Thunderbolt controller for LTO and disk arrays

Thunderbolt™ continues to be a cutting-edge technology, offering high bandwidth (40 Gbps) to peripherals and, more importantly, providing versatility to mobile and desktop devices.

Symply LTO solutions - archiving and data protection - over Ethernet

SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO devices are a revolutionary range of high-performance LTO devices designed for archiving data over Ethernet connectivity. SymplyPRO Ethernet LTOs are designed for Ethernet-based and demanding operating environments

New Sonnet DV Series chassis - connect two PCIe 3.0 cards to two, independent Thunderbolt ports at full 40 Gbps speeds

Sonnet Technologies presents its latest products - external PCIe enclosures for Thunderbolt. These enclosures are - SONNET DuoModo Echo II DV Module in desktop version and SONNET DuoModo Echo II DV Module and SONNET xMac Studio / Echo II DV in RACK versions.

Intel Corporation CEO: Our future CPUs will be able to compete with Apple Silicon processors.

Intel's new designs based on modular architecture - tiles - will be able to compete with the best processors on the market, including #Apple Silicon, says Pat Gelsinger - CEO of Intel Corporation

Basic RAID levels - for the reluctant

The usable capacity of a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration depends on the specific RAID level, as well as the number and capacity of the individual disks in the array. Here are typical usable capacities for some popular RAID configurations.

Thunderbolt™ 5 officially confirmed by Intel! The best port gets even better.

Intel has officially announced the latest generation of the Thunderbolt™ port, the Thunderbolt™ 5 version, an update to the industry-leading port that will, among other things, double its throughput.

See hardware from OWC that Atlantic Studios West relies on to "focus only on creativity"

Atlantic Studios West supports music artists, from emerging talent to multi-million dollar artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. Because of this, Atlantic must move "at the speed of creativity." Here are the tools that help them do so.

Fibre Channel vs Ethernet: Which technology reigns supreme in post-production?

Since it all boils down to application performance, one frequently asked question is what is the best choice for connectivity in video post-production environments.

Sonnettech - the five best accessories for your new Mac Pro! Enhance the capabilities of your Mac Pro with these Sonnet solutions.

Five new products from SonnetTech, a leading supplier of accessories designed to enhance performance and productivity, will enrich the Mac Pro experience.

The OWC Gemini is a universal RAID enclosure and docking station that makes it easy to back up projects such as audio or video.

Professional video post-production teams should always create three backups of their work. The OWC Gemini RAID enclosure makes this process easy. In addition, it is a docking station with a 2.5GbE network card