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LTO tape drives provide fast, reliable data backup and archiving. They are characterized by low total cost of ownership. We offer LTO drives in LTO-7, LTO-8, LTO-9 HH and LTO-9 FH versions. We have desktop drives, accommodating up to two LTO systems of different generations in a single enclosure, as well as rack drives. Both desktop LTO systems and rack systems can have SAS lun Thunderbolt host interfaces. We also offer unique LTO DIT systems. Accommodating in one enclosure up to two LTO drives of different generations, i.e. LTO-7, LTO-8 or LTO-9, as well as bays for 2.5" SSD and a bay for Atomos Master.



    M&E professionals, corporations, government branches, and small businesses are all facing the same challenge: how to manage an ever-increasing amount of more complex data. Higher resolution, complex audio, and diverse formats are the project norm. Organizational content is projected to grow 50-70% annually as more data is digitalized. Licensing, regulatory, and compliance requirements are becoming more stringent.

    The OWC Archive Pro is the answer to this challenge. This easily integrated tape backup and archiving solution is a mission-critical requirement for protecting and preserving huge volumes of data for longer periods with familiar drag-and-drop operation, and better economies of scale than disk-based storage. 

    Ruggedly small with a built-in handle, the Archive Pro is able to go on-set or move among studio, department, or office computers for a shared data protection solution.

  • Symply LTO

    W Symply zespół inżynierów przyjrzał się sytuacji na rynku archiwizacji i kopii zapasowych. Porównał ją z tym, o co prosili użytkownicy w przystępnych cenowo, wytrzymałych osobistych systemach stacjonarnych i stelażowych rack. Dostrzeżono poważną lukę na rynku i zauważono, że potrzeba wielu ważnych elementów, aby codzienne użytkowanie było łatwiejsze, szybsze i lepsze. Technologia LTO była właściwą bazą, ale wszystko inne musiało zostać stworzone od podstaw. Rezultatem jest zintegrowana rodzina produktów Symply LTO do tworzenia kopii zapasowych i archiwizacji. Symply LTO została stworzona z myślą o najbardziej wymagających użytkownikach. Od desktopowych urządzeń z interfejsem SAS, Thunderbolt i Ethernet po systemy montowane w stelażach. Linia produktów LTO firmy Symply oferuje unikalne podejście do świata długoterminowej pamięci masowej: stworzono je, aby odpowiedzieć na rzeczywiste wyzwania stojące przed firmami i użytkownikami końcowymi.

  • LTO Data Tapes

    LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tapes are a type of storage media that were introduced to store and archive large amounts of data.

    In our offer - Abart Pro - there are LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 and LTO-9 generation tapes.

    The advantages of LTO Tapes are: 

    Large Capacity: LTO tapes offer large capacities, making them an attractive solution for storing large amounts of data.

    Low Price per Unit of Capacity: The cost per unit of data capacity is often lower with LTO tapes compared to other technologies.

    Long Storage Life: Magnetic tapes are resistant to mechanical and electromagnetic damage, allowing for long periods of data storage.

    Scalability: The ability to add more tapes and transfer data to new generations of LTO tapes, allowing easy scalability of the archiving system.

    Failure Resistance: LTO tapes are relatively immune to hardware failures compared to some other disk technologies.

    Energy Efficiency: Compared to some other forms of data storage, LTO tapes can be more energy efficient.

  • mLogic LTO

    mLogic is the industry leader in desktop and rack mountable LTO archiving solutions featuring Thunderbolt and SAS connectivity.  mLogic's products are deployed by the leading studios and post production facilities to protect camera RAW files on set and to archive dailies and completed projects to LTO tape for long term archive.  mLogic products are 100% assembled in California and are TAA compliant.

    mLogic is headquartered in Culver City, California a well known bastion of movie and television production and home to many high-tech and creative companies.

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