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Docking stations Thunderbolt™, USB-C with drive slot(s)

Thunderbolt™, USB4 and USB-C docking stations with additional drive bays not only expand the capabilities of the connected computer with additional ports, but also enable simultaneous connection of a drive or drives via the high-speed Thunderbolt™ or USB-C bus. With this solution, we do not need to connect another accessory such as an external drive losing an often valuable port.

Docking stations - depending on the model - allow the connection of a PCIe NVMe drive or drives, a SATA drive or drives, or a mixed configuration of PCIe NVMe + SATA. Docking stations with at least two bays allow drives to be combined in a RAID system. They are ideal for use with Mac computers running macOS and Windows computers equipped with a Thunderbolt™ or USB-C port

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