• SSD, NVMe, RAID, SAS...

    SSD, NVMe, RAID, SAS and SATA drive controllers in the form of PCIe 4.0, 3.0, 2.0 or external cards plugged into the Thunderbolt port allow you to upgrade the drives in your Mac or PC. By using NVMe drives, you can get more capacity, faster speeds and better storage reliability in computers with a PCIe slot or through external PCIe enclosures plugged into the Thunderbolt port. PCIe NVMe drive controllers offer up to 8 ports for M.2 drives and very fast transfer speeds.

  • PCIe network cards

    Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe network cards - high-tech network cards compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.... Thunderbolt-compatible network cards - can be installed directly into Mac Pro units or via external PCIe enclosures that connect to a computer such as a MacBook Pro via the Thunderbolt port.

  • Wielofunkcyjne karty PCIe
  • RAM for Apple Mac...

    RAM for Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini computers

    OWC brand expansion, RAM upgrade modules for Apple computers. 100% compatible replacements for original Apple modules. OWC memory modules have been created for Mac users for over 30 years. Operating memory is the most cost-effective Mac upgrade you can do yourself without voiding your warranty.

    Unleash the true speed and performance of your system and applications.

    Increase performance and productivity.

  • Disk drives for NAS...

    The drives for NAS servers and high-performance DAS systems store data over the network and when connected to a computer. They provide easy access and file management in both home and business environments. By expanding storage space and sharing data over a local network, they guarantee efficient data storage.

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