Radiator na dysk Acasis – Abart Pro – M.2 NVMe SSD pasywne chłodzenie

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The heatsink for the Acasis – Abart Pro – M.2 NVMe SSD drive is a very efficient, passive cooling solution that allows you to significantly reduce the temperature of the drive during operation. Thanks to the use of a heat sink, you can avoid problems related to overheating of the disk and lower transfers and disconnection of the disk during operation. The ACASIS – Abart Pro – SSD-P2A heatsink reduces the drive temperature during operation  by over 10 degrees Celsius,  ensuring trouble-free and efficient continuous operation.

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Lower the disk temperature during operation and enjoy full performance and maximum transfer!

The efficient, branded, passive radiator ACASIS – Abart Pro – SSD-P2A is an effective solution to the problem of heating drives in the M.2 standard

High disk temperature during operation shortens its life and significantly reduces the manufacturer's declared transfers.

Thanks to the use of efficient ACASIS – Abart Pro passive cooling – you will actually reduce the temperature of the drive during its intense operation by over 10 degrees Celsius.

By using the ACASIS – Abart Pro passive radiator, you will avoid disk disconnection and transfer drops.

The ACASIS – Abart Pro – SSD-P2A passive radiator is compatible with drives of size 2280, i.e. 22 millimeters wide and 80 millimeters long.

The RAdiator can be used in both single-sided and double-sided drives.

The set consists of two parts. The upper one, with the actual heat sink, and the lower one, mounting the disk and dissipating heat from the bottom of the disk to the upper part.

Additionally, each side of the disk is attached to the heat sink using thermal pads. This allows for better heat dissipation from the drive itself.

Thanks to the built-in three copper cores, the heat sink dissipates heat from the disk itself much better and faster than passive coolers without cores.

The heatsink can be used on all desktop motherboards.

It does not require any specific forms of assembly.

The heatsink can also be used in external cases for M.2 drives.* During intensive work with an external drive, the use of the heatsink eliminates the problem of disconnecting the drive and maintains its transfers at a high level.

*When mounting in a pocket, the mounted disk must be properly secured to avoid its damage, e.g. during transport. The protection system is not included with the radiator.

The set with the ACASIS – Abart Pro – SSD-P2A heatsink includes:

  • main heat sink
  • lower mounting casing
  • 2x termopad
  • 5x mounting screw
  • screwdriver

Important information: when installing the disk, remove the protective foil from the thermal pads.

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