TimeInPixels Nobe Color Remap OFX Lite

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TimeInPixels Nobe Color Remap – make a strong impression with the perfect color!
The control you need. The color you want.
Nobe Color Remap simplifies the post-production process without sacrificing quality. Experience cleaner, more precise results and fewer headaches while working on the perfect color!.

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TimeInPixels Nobe Color Remap OFX Lite

Nobe Color Remap is a plugin that is used to work on color.
The user interface is mainly a "Color wheel" with a grid and control points.
The mesh can be circular or rectangular in shape.
Moving the control point will repaint the color under the control point to the color where we moved it.
So, moving the anchor point from red to yellow will shift the red color in our image to shades of yellow.
The main task of the plugin is to ensure that the result is of the highest possible quality and causes the least possible loss of image quality.

The Lite version has:

  • Window view modal
  • Hue/Sat grid (circular and rectangular grid)
  • Lum/Sat grid
  • Hue/Lum grid
  • OpenCL & CUDA GPU acceleration
  • 3 different color spaces (HSP, HSV and HSL)
  • Smooth saturation mode
  • Color distribution graph
  • Color picker
  • Basic grid operations:
  • Saturation slider
  • Contrast slider
  • Smooth option

The plugin also works in the second mode, where instead of color and saturation, we can remap brightness, depending on the color shade. For example, we can darken only shades of blue (sky), without any changes to other color shades.


The plugin can operate in 2 modes (depending on the platform we are working on)

  • Overlay Mode (Pro version only),
  • Window Mode

Overlay Mode
In “Overlay” mode, the user interface appears directly on the image (in Davinci Resolve). We can scale and move it freely so that it does not overlap our workspace.
The main advantage of this mode is the fact that the result of our changes is immediately visible on the external monitor.

System requirements
Plugin works on Windows and macOS:

  • Windows 7 or newer,
  • macOS El Capitan or later, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and After Effects,
  • macOS Sierra for Final Cut Pro X
  • Graphics card with CUDA, OpenCL or Metal support (macOS).
  • The plugin requires an active Internet connection to activate the license.

Available platforms
Currently, the plugin works with the following programs:

  • DaVinci Resolve,
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC,
  • Adobe After Effects CC,
  • Adobe Photoshop CC,
  • Final Cut Pro
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