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TimeInPixels False Color is one of the most useful tools for monitoring exposure and adjusting shots. This is an extension that allows you to emulate a tool known from digital video cameras for proper image exposure.

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TimeInPixels False Color OFX

False Color works with the most popular programs used in post-production, it has 12 ready-made presets based on the most popular hardware solutions such as ARRI, RED, BlackMagic, etc.

Thanks to the False Color plug-in, we can easily assess and monitor the parameters of our image such as brightness and color saturation. 

TimeInPixels False Color, based on the selected mode (brightness or saturation), applies a layer to our image, which allows us to clearly assess which areas are too or too weakly exposed and where the color saturation is too high or too low.

False Color is also an irreplaceable tool in the color correction process. It allows you to easily compare and align shots in terms of brightness and saturation. The built-in scale allows you to precisely determine the levels, and the rich collection of presets will help you choose the most appropriate template for a specific application.

Additionally, False Color has a built-in editor in which we can create any False Color preset. This preset can be exported to a 3D LUT file.

Example of plugin operation in "color saturation" mode:

Product highlights:

    • Works in real time using graphics acceleration (GPU)
    • It allows you to freely create your own presets
    • Export to 3D LUT files

Available presets:

  • Default(RED),
  • Flanders,
  • SmallHD (50x & 70x models),
  • SmallHD (DPx models),
  • ARRI,
  • Atomos,
  • BlackMagic VA,
  • Zacuto
  • Video Devices PIX-E4
  • Video Devices PIX-E12
  • Skin-tones separation,
  • Highlights,
  • Shadows.

Available plugin versions:

  • DaVinci Resolve,
  • Premiere Pro,
  • After Effects,
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop
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