ATTO 8100T and 8200(T) Intelligent XSTREAMCORE® ETHERNET modules

Streamline your backup processes with the simplicity of modern tape connectivity.

ATTO XstreamCORE Ethernet modules seamlessly integrate SAS tape storage with modern Ethernet networks. Experience unparalleled scalability, remote access and backup performance.

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200/8200T intelligently connects SAS block devices, such as JBODs or tape libraries, to Ethernet iSER or iSCSI networks. XstreamCORE provides remote access to SAS storage, enabling storage owners to disaggregate storage from server hardware using JBOD, JBOF, RAID or tape storage.

Optimised for high performance with multiple hardware acceleration engines, the 8200/8200T delivers industry-leading performance for up to 64 servers with less than 2 microseconds of latency.

Advanced algorithms accelerate the data path and independently handle non-data functions for consistent high performance (>1.1 million 4K IOPS).

8100T for scalable deployments

The XstreamCORE ET 8100T is an accelerated intelligent bridging device that provides up to four SAS tape drives over 10 Gb iSCSI Ethernet. Ideal for both smaller deployments with up to four drives per bridge and large-scale deployments that include multiple bridges, the 8100T streamlines backup, archiving and low-temperature storage processes by overcoming the limitations of a pure SAS architecture.

The 8100T uses ATTO Distributed Software Architecture, a self-optimising operating system designed for storage applications. This architecture prioritises transaction performance and high-performance memory management, ultimately maximising storage application performance.

Ready to solve any storage infrastructure challenge

ATTO Ethernet to SAS bridges provide the flexibility of generic storage solutions without locking users into proprietary hardware implementations. XstreamCORE is a modular building block with technology that allows administrators to reduce resource burden while decoupling storage from server resources.

XstreamCORE enables a common set of services and features, and its open design does not alter the data path.

What can XstreamCORE 8200 do?

Use cases include mapping one or more individual disks to space-constrained rack or blade servers, re-mapping attached disks from failed servers to replacement servers, adding shared functionality to directly attached storage and remotely locating directly attached disk or tape devices.

XstreamCORE supports Extended Copy (LID1) data transfer commands and offloads up to 5.2 GB/s of data from CPU, memory, network and storage, leaving more resources for virtual machines and applications running on the host.

Patented SpeedWrite™ technology increases SAS tape write performance by up to 20%, especially over distance. SpeedWrite buffers write commands in sequential order to speed up write operations.

Advanced Data Streaming™ (ADS) provides controlled acceleration for smoother data streaming and delivery

Comprehensive command set for state-of-the-art management of the bridge and connected tape drives.

Create solutions with up to 960 SAS SSD/HDD devices behind a pair of bridges and better manage, monitor and utilise this storage with current and future features built into XstreamCORE2.

2. only 8200. supports up to 240 drives, expandable to 960 for qualified customers.

What can the XstreamCORE 8100 do?

Enables Ethernet connectivity to SAS tape drives, maximising drive sharing and utilisation.

Allows SAS tape devices to participate in an iSCSI network.

Small and portable, making it as useful in the field as it is on the desktop or in the server room.

Automatic mapping of tape drives via a simple management console ensures fast configuration and easy operation.

Operating system independence.

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