Sonnet xMac Studio bez modułu Echo

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Sonnet xMac Studio is an advanced 3U Rack case designed for mounting a Mac Studio computer. Thanks to the Sonnet xMac Studio case, you can place your Mac Studio computer in a 19-inch rack or suitcase and additionally allow you to add PCIe expansion cards to it via additional Sonnet Echo I or Sonnet Echo III modules.

Key features:
– Designed for professional applications in the field of audio, video, photography, production, events, broadcasting, etc…
– Two-module 3U housing for mounting in a 19-inch rack
– Durable steel construction
– Mounting space for two SSD drives
– Built-in 4x USB-A hub
– Possibility to install a Sonnet Echo I or Sonnet Echo III module
– 19 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep x 3.5 inches high
– Included rack mounting rails allow installation in racks 16-24 inches deep
– 2-year product warranty
– Designed and manufactured in the USA

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xMac Studio

Pro 3U 19″ RACK case with Thunderbolt expansion for PCIe cards for Mac Studio

designed for professional workflow expansion

Audio Video Color Grading Photography DITs Event Productions   Broadcasts

Your work environment
is extensive, flexible and safe

Mac Studio™ delivers phenomenal computing power, outperforming other computers in size and price-performance by many times. Mac Studio™ also provides multiple ports for connecting various peripherals. But how can you safely install Mac Studio outside your desk and connect professional PCIe cards?
Sonnet xMac Studio integrates Mac Studio into a compact 19" rack-mount chassis with an optional PCIe card expansion module to support a variety of audio and video application needs. Sonnet xMac Studio has been designed with professional work environments in mind, such as:
Sound | Video | Color grading | Photography | DIT | Event productions | Broadcasts

Designed for Expansion
Connect specialized audio and video cards
Three systems to choose from

For many creative professionals, expanding PCIe cards to connect special cards to support audio and video post-production projects isn't an option - it's a necessity! Sonnet designed xMac Studio with work environment flexibility in mind; choose the system configured with the Thunderbolt to PCIe card expansion module that best suits your needs. xMac Studio is also available without a module, so you can add it later or use one of Sonnet's existing compatible expansion modules*.

Full control and ease of connection

Easy access to Mac Studio and the PCIe card expansion module

xMac Studio is a durable, 3U high steel case for mounting in a 19" rack. The case secures a Mac Studio with an optional PCIe card expansion module in the rack, placing the Mac Studio behind a quick and easy-to-remove front panel. Convenient front panel operation allows you to turn on Mac Studio using the dedicated front power button. The case allows you to connect USB devices via a 4-port USB-A hub and access the computer's front ports and SD card slots. When equipped with an Echo III or Echo I PCIe card expansion module, the three rear panel locking thumbscrews allow easy removal and access to the module and PCIe cards from the front without removing the front panel. The xMac Studio design allows you to connect and disconnect cables without having to remove the Mac Studio from the case.

A hole on the top of xMac Studio provides lossless access to the wireless signal. xMac Studio is designed to enable normal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless network operation in most configurations (depending on type and position in the rack), so you can use wireless devices and apps to control iOS® devices.

Cold Design
Supports Mac Studio thermal design

xMac Studio protects your Mac Studio computer without the danger of overheating by supporting the recirculation of hot air in the rack. Thanks to its thoughtful design, Mac Studio is as cool in a closet as it is on a desk. Vents on the front panel of the case and a closed compartment beneath Mac Studio allow the computer to draw cool air through the base, while the fully open back allows warm air to be effortlessly expelled from the back.

Space for SSD drives

Securely mount up to two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs under Mac Studio
xMac Studio provides space under your computer for two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs (sold separately) up to 3.2 inches wide and 0.75 inches high. Simply remove the rear access panel, apply the supplied adhesive magnet to the bottom of the SSDs, insert the SSDs and connect them to your computer, then reinstall the panel. The space is also suitable for other thin bus-powered devices.

Ready to travel
A comfortable and safe work environment wherever you are

Do you need to take your Mac Studio on the road? xMac Studio is the perfect solution for traveling. Its 16.5-inch mounting depth - plus strong rubber cushions that keep your Mac Studio securely in place during transport - make the xMac Studio ideal for use in molded rack cases from Gator Cases, racks from SKB Cases, or most others travel frames.

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