Sonnet DuoModo eGPU Module

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Sonnet DuoModo eGPU Module is a module that allows you to connect a GPU graphics card to computers without PCIe slots via the Thunderbolt port. The module supports the latest graphics cards, provides 800W of power and has a future-proof design. The Sonnet DuoModo™ eGP module is equipped with two quiet Noctua fans with variable speed depending on the temperature. The module connects to the computer via the super-fast Thunderbolt™ 40 Gb/s interface. Sonnet DuoModo™ eGPU is compatible with Apple Mac computers and Windows computers with a Thunderbolt port.

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The power of a graphic workstation thanks to the Sonnet eGPU module and an additional powerful graphics card.

If your work involves video editing, rendering, color grading, animation or creating special effects, many professional applications support graphics card (GPU) acceleration.

Unfortunately, many popular computers only come with integrated graphics processors or low-power discrete graphics processors, which do not provide the desired performance.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to be more productive - add an external eGPU to your Thunderbolt-equipped PC.

DuoModo eGPU Module Thunderbolt to GPU PCIe Card Expansion System increases the graphics performance of an eGPU-compatible computer by connecting a high-performance GPU card to desktop computers or workstations via a single cable.

Sonnet DuoModo eGPU Module is designed to accommodate the most power-hungry graphics cards up to 2.5 slots wide. Supports Thunderbolt-compatible cards with popular GPU chipsets - such as AMD Radeon RX series (including VEGA GPUs); and NVIDIA GeForce® series and TITAN graphics processors.

Even pro cards are supported - AMD Radeon Pro and NVIDIA Quadro®!

Please note that macOS® only supports AMD-based cards - external GPUs only support Intel-based Apple computers, while Windows® computers support AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Key Features:

– Supports the latest Thunderbolt-compatible graphics cards
– Supports 2.5-slot GPU cards
– power up to 800W
– includes two 8-pin (6+2-pin) auxiliary power connectors
– Dual Noctua fans offer ultra-quiet, temperature-controlled operation
– Thunderbolt 40 Gb/s up to 3000 MB/s PCIe interface with Thunderbolt 4 computers; 2570 MB/with Thunderbolt 3 computers
– compatible with Intel® Thunderbolt 4 and Thunderbolt 3
– Thunderbolt cable included
– ThunderLok 3 Thunderbolt retainer clip included

Sonnet DuoModo eGPU Module can also be used as an extension of one PCIe card, not necessarily a graphics card. The system can use, for example, an NVMe disk controller card or another Thunderbolt-compatible card.

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