Dysk Abart Pro Sonic Portable 4TB NVMe do 40Gb/s

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Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive NVMe up to 40Gb/s is a portable, universal and very fast PCIe NVMe M.2 drive compatible with all Thunderbolt™ and USB-C standards

Depending on the connection, the Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive adjusts the transfer speed to the highest possible for a given port, i.e. up to 40 Gb/s.

Thanks to this technology, the drive is very universal and ideal for working, for example, on set or in a studio where data is exchanged between various devices with different connector standards.

Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive was designed for high loads and working with large amounts of data.

High transfer up to 40Gb/s also on Apple computers with M1, M1Pro and M1 MAX and M2 processors

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Universal compatibility

Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive is a fast, portable drive compatible with Thunderbolt™ and USB4 ports. It is equipped with the latest 40Gb/s Type-C port, making the drive compatible with all Thunderbolt™ and USB4 ports. The set includes a USB-C cable.

Formatted for Mac, ready for work or Time Machine

Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive is formatted to work with Apple Mac computers and is compatible with Time Machine straight out of the box. The drive can also be easily formatted for Windows.

Cold as a rock

Don't be afraid of constantly working with large files! Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive will always work quickly and efficiently. The durable aluminum casing acts as a heat sink, keeping the drive inside at optimal temperature.

Mobility and incredible speed

Thanks to its size of 10 cm long x 5.7 cm wide x 1.4 cm high and bus power, the Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive is very convenient to use.
The aluminum casing successfully dissipates excess heat generated during disk operation.

Despite its small size, the drive allows transfer rates of up to 40Gb/s. With Apple computers - including the latest MacBook Pro 14" and 16" models, Apple MacBook Air computers and Mac Studio computers equipped with M1, M1Pro, M1Max and M2 processors, the drive can achieve transfers of 2,816MB/s (writing) and 2,793MB/s s reading*

*Transfer depends on individual testing environment and depends on many factors. The performance stated above will not be identical on each computer. The result was obtained on an Apple mac mini with an M1 processor.

Look forward

Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive allows you to install another drive in the M.2 bay. If you need more space, easily remove the pre-installed drive and install another one, up to 16TB capacity.

Abart Pro Sonic Portable Drive is prepared for the largest capacities currently available. And thanks to the use of the latest electronics, the case will also support higher, currently unavailable NVMe drive capacities.

Technical Specifications:

Disk: 4TB NVMe PCIe Gen.3 M.2 2280
Interface: Type-C compatible with Thunderbolt™ and USB4 standard
USB-C/Thunderbolt™ 40Gb/s 0.5m cable included
Power supply: via Thunderbolt™ bus, USB
Transfer: up to 40Gb/s s
Dimensions: 10cm x 5.7cm x 1.4cm
Compatibility: MacOS 10.4+, Windows 10+
Cooling: passive

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