Technologia pamięci masowej. Dlaczego warto postawić na ATTO.

So why ATTO?

It's one of the questions a client might ask and requires a considered answer.

At ATTO, when they receive such a question, they have a ready answer.

ATTO designs its products specifically to manage latency and optimise throughput in the most demanding environments. ATTO's products deliver very high performance and speed in application performance and enhanced operations processing.

Let's review

The world of post-production and content creation in particular of high-resolution multimedia make high demands on the working environment. Many large files must be moved in real time, often sequentially. Operations such as rendering, even with the most powerful processing engines, can take hours or even longer with a poorly designed system.

Delays are colossal because time, if not perfectly managed, creates inefficiencies that result in missed deadlines and increased and sometimes cost overruns.

Furthermore, the sheer volume of information tends to overwhelm the 'average' components - the components of the IT infrastructure. Squeezing every bit out of data is critical to maximising return on investment and business growth. This is why choosing the right supplier is so important for content creators. Good components are the glue that holds everything together. That's why ATTO has remained the choice for professionals for decades.

ATTO knows what customers need, not because they've read about the theory in a book. But because it has had media and entertainment clients for more than 35 years. ATTO uses this experience in continuous product development, which allows it to create not just 'good' products, but unique products that are designed with professionals in mind.

ATTO promises customers three things: performance, ease of use and safety. ATTO products are specifically designed to perform exceptionally well in M&E application environments. ATTO products are easy to use. At ATTO, they realise that a large number of customers are involved in content creation, not system administration. So ATTO's goal is to provide hardware and software that

is easy to install and configure, so that ours can get to work quickly and without problems.

And, perhaps most importantly, together with ATTO at Abart Pro, we believe in maintaining a close relationship with our customers. We expect that when our customers buy ATTO products, questions will arise, because that is the nature of this industry. That is why we maintain a highly skilled support team working with the ATTO team in the US.

We take this relationship very seriously.

So what's in it for us?

We love the question because we know that ATTO products, the ATTO engineering team and our - Abart Pro - technical department are focused on helping and better organising our customers' working environment. And if you are not yet a customer, please contact us. We'd love to show you why ATTO continues to be the connectivity provider for content creators. content creators.

This entry is based on a statement from Pete Donnelly, Director of Products, ATTO Technology

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