Moduł optyczny SFP+ 10G SR 850nm LC DDM MMF 300m 10GBase

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Optical module 10GBASE-SR LO-SP-10G-SR – SFP+ SR 10 Gbps 850 nm LC DDM MMF 300 m (VSCEL+PIN) working with multimode fiber (duplex transmission), operates at a wavelength of 850 nm, transmitting data from speed up to 10 Gbps Ethernet over a distance of 300 m. LC duplex optical connector. SFP+ insert compliant with MSA specifications.

SFP+ SR transceiver programmed before shipment to work with the switch manufacturer indicated during purchase.

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SFP+ SR 10G insert

The SFP+ 10GBASE-SX optical module  is designed for data transmission using two multimode (MM) fibers. It transmits data at a speed of up to 10Gbps , over a distance of up to 300m . It operates at a TX wavelength of 850 nm and has an LC/UPC duplex optical connector Compliant with the MSA standard .

Before shipping, we program the inserts to work with any manufacturer of a switch, converter, server card, or PCIe card. If you did not find the manufacturer's name in the list, select "Other".

A universal module that works reliably at distances of up to 300 m , but also on very short, 1-meter lines . You don't have to worry that the insert's laser will be damaged, thanks to the properly designed receiving diode, which is resistant even to long-distance lasers.

Reliable insole replacements

We ensure high quality and repeatability,  guaranteeing stable operation of your network. The inserts we offer are reliable and subject to detailed tests in our laboratory by experienced engineers. Not only the programming method affects the compatibility of the insert, but also the repeatability of its production. Therefore, before introducing devices to the market, our engineers conduct rigorous tests and analyses.  Additionally, they check the possibility of making configuration changes so that optical modules work perfectly with various network devices and are detected correctly. Our inserts work stably in devices such as switches, converters, routers, and servers from most manufacturers available on the market. We are constantly developing the compatibility of DAC cartridges and cables, adapting it to new devices and changing software.

A proven replacement for, among others:
Alcatel/Nokia SFP-10G-GIG-SR, Alcatel-Lucent iSFP-10G-SR, Arista SFP-10G-SR, Avago AFBR-708SMZ, Avaya Nortel AA1403015-E6, Brocade 10G-SFPP-SR, Ciena 160-9111- 900, Cisco SFP-10G-SR, Dell 407-BBOU, D-Link DEM-431XT-DD, ECI OPT10-SR, Extreme 10301, F5 Networks F5-UPG-SFP+-R, Fortigate FG-TRAN-SFP+SR, H3C JD092B, HP J4858A, Huawei 0231A0A6, IBM 45W2411, Intel E10GSFPSRX, Juniper EX-SFP-10GE-SR, Juniper QFX-SFP-10GE-SR, MikroTik S+85DLC03D, Mellanox MFM1T02A-SR, Netgear AXM761, Palo Alto PAN- SFP-SX, QNAP E10GSFPSR, TP-Link TXM431-SR, Ubiquiti UF-MM-10G

Specification – basic parameters

LightOptics LO-SF-1G-SR insert – SFP+ 10 Gbps 850 nm LC MMF DDM 300 m:

  • Duplex transmission – two multimode MM fibers
  • SFP+ module speed – up to 10 Gbps
  • Transmission distance – up to 300 m
  • Wavelength – 850 nm
  • Optical connector 2 x LC/UPC
  • Built-in DDM/DOM diagnostics module
  • Works with devices from leading network equipment manufacturers
  • Manufactured according to MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) specifications
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