Kabel Abart Pro USB4 40Gb/s 240W 5A 48V 8K60Hz 1,5m

KOD ABP-KBUSB4-1,5M Category Abart Pro Kable USB4 40Gb/s 8H60Hz PD240W EAN 5904917097120 Brand Abart Pro Delivery time 2 - 4 days
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Abart Pro USB4 240W cable

the highest quality with support for full port transmission at 40Gb/s , power delivery 240W 5A 48V and Video transmission up to 8K/60Hz resolution . Cable 1.5 m long.

Compatible with Apple Mac computers with Intel, M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M2 processors and Windows  computers with Thunderbolt 4 or USB4 and USB-C ports

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The highest quality USB4 cable with a length of 1.5 m with support for data transmission up to 40Gb/s, power delivery 240W 5A 48V and video transmission up to 8K/60Hz.

Compatible with Apple Mac computers with Intel , M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max processors and Windows computers with USB4 , T hunderbolt and USB-C ports.

The cable allows you to use the full speed of the USB4 and  Thunderbolt 3/4  connectors , i.e. 40 Gb/s

Video transmission support up to 8K60Hz

Power delivery 240W 5A 48V

With an output power of up to 240W, the cable can power any notebook, including Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13.3", MacBook Pro 14", MacBook Pro 16"  and other laptops compatible with Thunderbolt or USB4.

The built-in intelligent E-Marker chip protects connected devices against overvoltage and intelligently adjusts the transmitted power to the current needs of the connected accessories.

The highest transmission speed

With performance up to 40 Gbps , Abart Pro cables are ideal for use with USB4 and Thunderbolt docking stations, external eGPUs, NVMe SSDs, RAID DAS storage and more.

The latest Abart Pro cable will allow you to connect a monitor or any screen to a compatible device. The new standard integrates DisplayPort 2.0, PCIe and earlier USB connections in so-called backward compatibility. Connection with our Abart Pro cable will enable image transmission at a speed of up to 40 Gb/s . This, in turn, will allow you to display images in an impressive 8K resolution at 60 Hz without compression.

Maximum compatibility

Abart Pro cables now offer compatibility with all USB-C versions, including USB 3.1, 3.2 and 4, regardless of cable length. Data transmission speed of 40GB/s and the ability to supply 240W of power regardless of the cable length.

*The presented result was achieved by connecting an Abart Pro Thunderbolt 4 cable to a DAS system with two Crucial P2 NVMe drives in RAID-0 to an Apple Mac mini with an M1 processor

Protects against overvoltage

The built-in intelligent E-Marker chip protects connected devices against overvoltage and intelligently adjusts the transmitted power to the current needs of the connected accessories.

Flexible and durable

The cable is made of the highest quality components. The nylon braid increases durability while maintaining high cable flexibility. Thanks to the gray and black braid, the cable has a very aesthetic appearance and matches modern equipment in various colors.

The durable tips fit perfectly into USB-C sockets and fit cable protectors from various manufacturers.

The cable set also includes a convenient band that makes it easier to tie it, e.g. during transport.

Product main features:

  • Data transmission up to 40Gb/s
  • Length  1.5 m
  • Certificated
  • Support Quick Charge 240W 5A 48V fast charging
  • Durable terminals adapted to cable security systems
  • Video signal support up to 8K 60Hz
  • Nylon, reinforced braid
  • Flexible and durable
  • 2x male USB-C connectors
  • 100% compatibility with Apple Mac computers with Intel , M1, M1Pro and M1Max processors - including the latest MacBook Pro 14" and 16" and Windows computers
  • Backwards compatible with the USB-C standard
  • Compatibility with Computers equipped with Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, USB-C ports
  • Built-in intelligent E-Marker chip protects against overvoltage and optimizes the charging power of connected devices
  • ISO9001 standard
  • Cable organizing band
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