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Glyph Atom Pro Mark II 2TB NVMe SSD Thunderbolt 3 TB3

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The Glyph Atom Pro Mark II 2TB SSD NVMe is a drive that achieves read speeds of up to 2800MB / s and write speeds of up to 2600MB / s, making it the fastest Glyph SSD ever . The Atom Pro Mark II was designed from the ground up with professionals in mind. All this so that with its efficiency and reliability it can meet the most demanding tasks, including working with multi-threaded 4K and 8K video streaming and working with VR.

All Glyph Atom Pro Mark II drives meet the stringent military standards of MIL-Standard 810F and have undergone rigorous testing to assess high resistance to shock, vibration, dust and sand.

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The drive housing has been designed to withstand the tough field operation and the adverse effects of external factors in terms of shock, vibration, dust and sand in accordance with MIL-Standard 810F.

Easy setup!
The Atom Pro ships preformatted HFS + with journaling and is Time Machine compatible right out of the box.
For Windows 10, a simple disk formatting is enough for Atom Pro to work with this system.

Quality matters
The Atom Pro is designed from the ground up to deliver the fastest performance, ultimate reliability, and a simple, sleek design.
In the production process, the highest quality available components are first selected. The drives are then assembled at a factory in the USA. Then, a thorough inspection and tests of each manufactured item are carried out before it is transferred for sale.


Thunderbolt 3, 40 Gb / s

Transmission speed
Read: up to 2800 MB / s
Write: up to 2600 MB / s


Mac OS 10.X and above
Windows 10 or later

Passive heat dissipation

Strict MIL-Standard 810F

2.4 inch x 4.4 inch x 0.6 inch

In box
Atom Pro external SSD
Thunderbolt 3 cable, 40 Gb / s
Durable, removable outer cover